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Sveta Raguimova

Sveta Raguimova

Sveta Raguimova was born in Baku, the city near Caspian Sea, in former Soviet Union.

After graduating high school she started to work as a film editor. Her loveliness and her talent to attract people made her noticeable at the film studio were she worked. She has been offered parts in the films. The roles she played were becoming bigger and more interesting. She also enjoyed doing voices for the animated features.

In 1990 she moved to Los Angeles. And here she started to paint. She likes to paint flowers. Her dreamlike paintings invite the observer into the picture - to drink the colors with your eyes, to revive a long forgotten smells and sounds, to relive a nostalgic moment.

Like in Kurosawa's "Dreams" you are invited to the magical world of the artist, into the dream about Van Gogh's world. And Van Gogh is a favorite artist for Sveta Raguimova.