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Dina Djabieva

Dina Djabieva

Witness the life within your eyes. You have the imagination within your mind to create a world of wonder, a world of limitless dreams. Visit a place were your subconscious mind rules your vision. Here you will encounter your inner child's mind. Just let the flowers give you the advice that's missing from your collection of never ending stories.

Dina Djabieva has been very well acquainted with her imagination all her life. She has always viewed the world with a few more dimensions than required. With the vivid life in her mind she believes that the way she balances her spirit is through her art.

As you daze into the world that you may of forgotten for so long, you may realize that most of Dina's creations hold a limitless amount of meanings. They have no one solid interpretation. Dina encourages people to apply any story, any dream or language that they wish, to her paintings. I will say that art is the key to your imagination.

Dina Djabieva was born in Baku, USSR on September 5, 1981. She moved to the United States at age 9. Now Dina is living in Redondo Beach, California.